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Medicare / Insurance

Emed Stores does not work directly with any insurance companies. We cannot bill them for you, nor can we accept insurance as payment. Our customers pay for their equipment up front and seek reimbursement on their own. Each insurance company has their own eligibility requirements and we recommend that you contact your carrier for specific details.

General Guidelines for Medicare

  • You need a prescription from your doctor which includes your diagnosis and the type of medical equipment you need.
  • We will provide you with the appropriate paperwork that needs to be submitted (1490 form) and our invoice.
  • Certificate of Medical Necessity-required for certain items such as oxygen and patient lifts.

Medicare typically reimburses up to 80% of the cost of the item (excluding liftchairs-only the motors in the chair are reimbursed). Your secondary carrier will usually cover the remaining 20%.

Renting vs. Owning

Medicare guidelines state that patients must rent most medical equipment for a period of 13-36 months before they actually own it.  This includes hospital beds, mattresses, wheelchairs, oxygen, hoyer lifts and many other items.  Often times, the cost to rent the equipment exceeds the cost to purchase it. For this reason, many of our customers choose to purchase these items on their own.